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Regulation of YCBM for International Students
Receiving and cultivating international students (students for short below) is not only an important task to follow and implement foreign and educational route of China, but also a meaningful work to promote communication on education, science and technology, and culture between our college and other countries, to further friendliness and understanding between people from different countries and to enhance our level to run and administrate the college. All departments of the college should fully attach importance to it and bring it into daily work. The following is the regulations for related questions:
. Student’s status and education management
1. About entrance. Students should register at Students Status Section of Yunnan College of Business Management on time with the materials such as 10 formal pictures (the size same to passport picture), original passport, Notice of Admission, Application Form, Physical Test Form, Blood Test Report, Healthy Certificate and JW202 form. During 30 days after arriving, the staff from foreign affairs’ office will help students to do physical test and apply residential permit. For applying residential visa, students should have X or F visa and Healthy Certificate.
2. About graduation. After finishing all required courses, students should apply to handle related procedure of leaving school, square all charge up, return library card and student’s card. Then students can apply permission with college certificate from police station to leave China. Students must leave the country in half a month after graduation.
3. Student’s status, upgrade and downgrade during student’s study here in Yunnan College of Business Management should be implemented according to Student’s Status Management Methods of Full-time Higher School issued by Ministry of Education of PRC.
4. According to teaching scheme, students should complete school work of different phases, attend all required teaching and social activities. No one can be absent.
5. Students should abide various regulations of YCBM and take part in attendance check. If students are absent without asking for leave, they should be regarded as truants. For students who disobey college disciplines and regulations, and do not follow related regulations, departments students studying in are entitled to bringing attitude. Then the staff from foreign affairs’ office will report it to college leaders for permission.
6. Students, who apply to leave school or complete a course in advance, must get the permission from the college and agreement from superior departments or embassy of original country. Then he or she can transact for leaving school.
7. Students, who complete their schooling suspension because of healthy problem, should mail their restorative certificate from hospital to YCBM two month earlier before coming back. After getting permission from YCBM, these students can return. The college will countercheck the health of students.
8. School teaching language is Chinese.
9. After registration, the staff from foreign affairs’ office will help students to apply library card.
. Regulations on accommodation and medical treatment
1. Based on the different requirements, students can choose to leave in four-person or six-person dormitory at your own expense.
2. Students getting permission and leaving school more than one month should check out and check in again when coming back.
3. Dormitory administration section is in charge of distributing students’ dormitory. Students must abide dormitory regulation. The offender will be punished.
4. Physical test will be done when enrolling. If students fail the test, his or her admission right will be cancelled.
5. Medical expenses is paid by students themselves.
. Dormitory regulations
Referring the regulations in Students’ Dormitory Measurement and Students’ Handbook (published in August 8)
1.Accommodation Regulations
1)Students living in our department must abide Chinese laws, regulations and college regulations. No one can engage anything that does not accord with students’ status.
2) Dormitory Management Section will arrange the dormitory for students. No one can exchange dormitory without permission.
3) Accommodation fee must be paid off when enrolling. College financial department issues receipt to students.
4) Dormitory building opens 6a.m. and closes 23p.m. For students come back later than 23p.m, operator on duty is entitled to inquiry and record. If there is any special instance, get permission first from operator on duty and set down reasons.
5) If asking more than one day off, students should report it to foreign affairs’ office and indicate whereabouts. Students should register each evening.
2. Dormitory Administration
1)Please don't shout loudly in dormitory. If turning on TV and recorder, please do not affect others’ rest and study.
2)Facilities in the dormitory can not be defiled, removed and lent to others. If found any facility lost or damaged, students living in this dormitory must full compensation for any damage.
3) Do not defile walls, floor, ceiling and other furniture. Do not nail on the wall.
4) Strictly prohibit drinking, gaming and bustup. Once offend, students will be punished. Some one refusing to mend his or her ways despite of repeated admonition will be expelled from school and the residential permit will be logout.
5)Forbid using utensil with more than 300w power in the dormitory. Students preside over the accidents caused by overloading electricity. Do not cook and smoke in dormitory.
6)Forbid stacking personal supplies and parking bike.
7)Please put garbage into ash bin. Do not throw garbage out from the window.
8)Save water and electricity please. Public supplies only can be used in designed place, can not be brought back to dormitory.
9)Dormitory only provides electricity for common illumination and devices.
10)Please take care of personal valuables. Do not leave too much cash in the dormitory. Lock the door when staying away. If lost, be fully responsible for any resulting consequences. And do not lend the key to others.
11)Strictly prohibit destroying and moving facilities in dormitory.
12)Do not breed any animals in dormitory.
13)Make sure the door and window is closed, and lights and taps are turned off when leaving.
14)Foreign affairs’ office and Students’ Affairs Division will punish students who disobey regulations. According to detailed action, degree of punishment will be different, namely, from fine to expel from the college.
3.Receiving regulations
1)Receive guests after school. Do not receive guests during the class time and after 23p.m.
2)Visitor must show valid certificates and fill in Registration Form for visitor.
3)Receiving time: 8 a.m.—22 p.m. To make sure the daily life and rest, visitors must leave before 22 p.m. If visitors do not leave before 22 p.m., operator on duty will inform security department and police station. Receiver need to take on the responsibility.
4) Please notify foreign affairs’ office and fill in Temporary Living Registration Form, if visitor needs to stay over night and pay the accommodation fee. Chinese students can not live in dormitory of international students.
4. Security and sanitation
1)Please close all power supplies. Do not use electric cooker, gas cooker, alcohol burner and so on, otherwise the student will be responsible for fire disaster and other accident related.
2)Please close the door and windows when students are in and out the dormitory and take care of personal belongings. If lost, please tell the person on duty in time.
3)Please do not give others room’s keys, otherwise the student will be responsible for the lost and theft personal or public things.
4)The person on duty will accept the student’s application about water, electricity and daily service affairs and be in charge of dormitory’s security. So the person on duty has responsibility and obligation to check and correct administrative situation. International students need to cooperate with the person on duty.
5)The room of the student should be cleaned by students themselves. Garbage should be put into a rubbish – cart.
6)Cleaner must be clean corridor and stairway twice every day.
7)For other rules and regulations, please refer to dormitory management rules in Student’s Handbook.
.Other regulations
1.The international student can enjoy Chinese festivals and summer and winter holiday. According to student’s application, the student can be allowed for one or two days’ leave for important traditional festivals of home country. But student can leave twice at most in each term.
2. If travelling outside during holiday, the international students should record in foreign affairs’ office and take care during the trip. If leaving the country, the foreign affairs’ office will help the student extend visa and residential permit.
3.Foreign affairs office will pick up and send the international students when entering and graduating. Students need to take responsibility for other transportation. .
4.Tuition fees and other fees should be paid before registration according to the principle.
5.If asking for leave because of sickness and personal business, international students must apply with written formality. It will become effective after permission. The application is allowed by the Department if leaving days are less than 7. More than 7 days should be allowed by foreign affairs office.
6.Tuition fees will not be returned, if the international students drop out from college before graduation date.

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